Dear Afrikan,

A day ago, I had a conversation with a group of Afrikans, predominantly my age group.

Initially, I was ecstatic that the younger generation is taking an interest in the misfortune that is befalling our people back home but ended up being disappointed by another demonstration of the psychology of self-sabotage.

It is disappointing to be witness to the next generation of Afrikan leaders having nothing different to offer the majority other than the usual  procrastination, corruption, dishonesty, dirigisme, self hate, lack of trust in one’s self and in the people that look like them, lack of empathy or compassion , lack of action, learned helplessness etc. The psychological projection that we impart on the people that look like us only comes back to hurt us as well.

It is unfortunate that in our communities, our reality of what is right and wrong is reversed in our minds because we have dived in so far into the hell that we let our selfishness create for us; and now the lines of what is right and what is wrong have crossed over.

My conversation a day ago was in words but it did have a physical manifestation today December 8 2016 in Bamenda, Cameroon.

When something is different and stands for change, for a better tomorrow for us all,we want to label and oppress the difference. God forbid we let it out; It will outshine us and or question us and or dare us to change our ways and eventually we will be forced to change. Oh no sir, we cannot let that happen.


So what do we do to it, we discredit it with our tongues; we call it out of order and the weapons that were meant to protect it, we use them against it; we treat it as tho it is less of a human being; we use our own people against it; we kill anything that reminds us of it and we make examples of the younger generations……”THOU SHALL NOT QUESTION”.


The problems that we have in most Afrikan nations mirror themselves in others if not most. If the old ways are effective, our people will not be living in such agony and pain  while native to the richest continent on earth.

You declare us out of order because we are not enamored by words painted in sparkle and shiny,  or promises that never manifest. The issues at hand require action and motivational glitter gets us no where.


Change exists in each and every one of us. Some of us are brave enough to hear it’s call and accept the gift . Others may do nothing and others will deliberately cause distraction and or destruction.

We live on a continent with 54 potential allies. It wasn’t too long ago that we were one with no boundaries.

Where is our pride for what is ours?

It maybe happening to Cameroon today but sooner or later it will be your turn.

We don’t only have to come together for football matches or the African Union Conferences. Our survival depends on our communion in good and bad times.

To our leaders,

                   Have you seen the pictures?

                   Have you watched the videos?

                   This cannot be happening to the sun people.

Fifty Four potential allies. Our resources have always been bountiful. It is time to start using them for the people.