Food Shelter Clothing & Education

img-20161201-wa0014Our Ancestors, I greet you. Our Elders, I greet you. The rest of the Afrikan family, I greet you.

Dear AfriKan,

I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent continuous unrest in Cameroon, West Africa.

I have been quiet, saddened, weeping but most importantly doing all that I can to help our brothers and sisters; making sure their cries are heard by all and doing my part to soothe their pain in this difficult times.

When I go to sleep, …..I hear the cries of my brothers…..the cries of my sisters…..the cries of our sons and daughters….. the cries of our elders.

We cannot forgive ourselves if when our people need us most, we chose to ignore their cries and look the other way.

Their houses have been torn down.

Their integrity of hope has been violated.

Their right of family to congregate under one roof has been voilated .

It may seem to them that there is no hope but I say that is not true.

You and I can rise together and keep hope alive for our brothers, sisters, children and elders.

It is our duty as an Afrikan and as a human being to make sure that our people are taken care of.

Our people need food.

Our people need clothing.

Our people need shelter.

What are you and I going to do about it?

No amount is too little or too much when a human life is concerned. Please donate whatever you can at

No matter how far away or near we are, we will never forget where we come from.


Eyandong Mbaacha